Friday, October 06, 2006

An Update on the campaign to "Secure the Land"

Ani Alana, who wrote the following email this afternoon, is on of Jetsunma's "original 25" monks and nuns who took ordination 18 years ago. She is a driving force for many things we do. A week ago she said, "let's get this done" and it looks as though we just may! There is still time if you would like to be part of this campaign. Go to and hit the donation button.

"Dear Sangha,

"I am hearing of great efforts at outreach and fundraising and am hopeful that by the end of the weekend we will have reached our goal of $600,000. We are just now approaching $500,000 which is just too amazing given that we began one week ago yesterday. 95% of that has come from a handful of extremely generous donors (about 8) and I am sure I have not received everyone's contribution as yet.

"As you know, not only are we saving the land, we are turning around a karmic pattern through great personal generosity, so it really is very important EVERYONE participate no matter what the amount of your donation is. For some, $10 is a stretch, and for others, $100,000 is disposable income. It's the heart that counts. As Mother Teresa used to say, "Give until it hurts". That's when you know you've hit the boundary of generosity you had BEFORE and have broken through. Remember to dedicate the merit, and keep in mind all the dogs whose lives you are saving in this activity.

"As important are all the names of people who are newly connecting to this compassionate activity and will for lifetimes to come have a better opportunity. We could do a commercial:

Land: $600,000
Food and Pens: $200,000
Lives Saved and Connections with the Path: Priceless

"You guys are great ~ Alana

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